Read and Download Samsung Galaxy User Manual PDF Galaxy User Guide Instruction Tutorial Samsung Galaxy Manual and Fix Problems Get Samsung Repair Manual PDF Here

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Manual PDF Galaxy Z Flip 4 User Manual and Repair Guide


Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Manual PDF Galaxy Z Flip 4 User Manual and Repair Guide

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Manual PDF Galaxy Z Flip 4 User Manual and Repair Guide - Everything You Need to Know about Galaxy Z Fold4 and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 From beginners setup by read the user manual and available to download Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Manual PDF and how to fix problems service Galaxy Z Fold 4 Repair Manual PDF here.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Manual PDF Galaxy Z Flip 4 User Manual and Repair Guide

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4

When you buy Galaxy Z Fold4 or Samsung Z Flip 4 while unboxing you will get the device, Data Cable, Ejection Pin and Quick Start Guide.The 25W Power Adapter sold separately it's same too when you buy iPhone 14 Pro Max. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 price $1,799, Galaxy Flip 4 price only $999. You can choose Graygreen, Phantom Black, Beige for Fold 4 and Bora Purple, Graphite, Pink Gold, Blue for Flip4. See the table Samsung buying guide below for details:

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 Price

The easy way to get new mobile phones by follow Samsung Trade-In that get instant trade-in discount value in 3 steps : About your Old device, Your instant discount, Your Samsung device purchase.

You can trade in your old smartphone in any condition, Guaranteed £250 off Galaxy Z Flip4 or Up to £580 off the new Galaxy Z Fold4. When you trade in your old smartphone, you will get up to £580 off the new Galaxy Z Fold4 For any smartwatch will guaranteed £100 off for Galaxy Watch5 Pro last for trade in your old table will get discount up to £150 off Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra. There are a spotlight offers for Guaranteed £250 off Galaxy Z Flip4 limited time over via official website.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 User Manual

Get Started with your new device now. Learn the buttons on your Z Fold4 there are volume keys up and down also a side key use fingerprint scanner and a power button. User Manual said you can charge your device via USB charger port USB Type-C port in bottom also an audio port over there. Galaxy Z Fold 4 supports Fast wireless charging 2.0 at 10W, 25W Super fast charging USB Type-C provided with your compatible charger.

How to Charge Samsung Z Fold 4 Wirelessly?

Follow the instructions manual guide from Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 User Manual in step by step

1. Swipe up unlock your device go to Settings, tap Battery and device care > Battery > Wireless power sharing.
2. Tap Battery limit and choose a percentage. Once the device you are charging has reached this level of charge, wireless power sharing automatically turns off.
3. Tap to turn on the charging feature.
4. With the phone face down, place the compatible device on the back of the phone to charge. A notification sound or vibration occurs when charging begins.

You can see the wireless charging Led notification

The LED light intuitively tells you the charging status of your device with different colors:

1. Red for charging.

2. Flashing red for charging error

3. Green for fully charged..

When it’s time for lights out, you can dim it to not disturb your beauty sleep.

Samsung Fold 4 Manual PDF

You can read Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Manual PDF and Galaxy Z Flip 4 Manual PDF via iBooks or Safari iOS15. Download the complete set up guide to get the right settings for your device from manufacture.

Your Galaxy Z Fold 4 5G and Galaxy Z Flip4 5G makes use of a nano-SIM card. A SIM card can be preinstalled, or you will be capable of use your preceding SIM card. Network signs for 5G provider are primarily based totally to your provider’s specs and community availability. Contact your provider for greater details. Manually to insert the sim card right here the Galaxy Z Fold 4 Dual SIM Tutorial via way of means of comply with the preparation guide underneath however earlier than turning to your device, fee it fully.in and right here the step via way of means of step:

1. Take SIM ejector to drag out SIM Card Try.

2. There are 2 facets that you could placed 2 nano SIM playing cards aspect via way of means of aspect.

3. Install SIM card Place the SIM card into the tray with the gold contacts going through up

four. Insert the sim card slot again into Samsung Fold 4.

5. Now you could Turn on your Galaxy Z Fold 4 or Samsung Flip 4.

How to turn on Samsung Flip 4?

You can use the Side key to turn your device on. Do not use the device if the body is cracked or broken. Use the device only after it has been repaired.

Manually guide by Press and hold the Side key to turn the device on.

How to turn to turn off Samsung Fold 4?

Just press and hold the Side and Volume down keys at the same time,

Then, tap Power off to confirm when prompted the choice.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Repair Guide

Available now Samsung self repair program, to support easily perform own repairs can purchase genuine parts and convenient, easy-to-use repair tools, including fixing the cracked back glass on your device. Get the Samsung repair manual PDF from official website.

Battery Problems

While charging, the Samsung Fold 4 and Flip 4 the charger become hot and stop charging. This usually does not affect the device’s lifespan or performance and is in the device’s normal range of operation.

Here the Samsung Repair Guide Tutorials:

Disconnect the charger from the device and wait for the device to cool down and you can continue charging.

Samsung Galaxy Z has a swollen battery?
If your phone has a swollen battery, do now no longer strive self-restore. You can become aware of if a battery is swollen with a visible inspection, noting that a swollen battery will bodily cut loose the rear of the unit. You can go to any Samsung Repair Guide an Authorized Location to restore or put off a tool with a broken or swollen battery, or a swollen battery part. Do now no longer deliver swollen or broken batteries thru the USPS or Contact Samsung Care or Support Samsung Care+ for warranty and repair solutions.

Steps to book your Galaxy Z Fold 4 repair guide:

Step 1 Choose your product that has troubleshoot the issue

Step 2 Choose your repair option

Step 3 Enter your product details

Step 4 Enter Book the repair

Step 5 Track your repair

For now available Galaxy device owners manuals repair service for S20, S21 and Tab S7+ models will be able to review the repair guides and supporting material fixit.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Manual PDF Galaxy Z Flip 4 User Manual and Repair Guide Tips and Tricks

Use only Samsung-approved chargers and cables to avoid Phone damage.

Do not use incompatible, worn or damaged batteries, chargers or cables. Using other charging devices and batteries may not be covered under warranty and may cause damage.

Use Wireless charge that compatible Samsung Fold 4 or Flip4 for your phone because some features are not available while sharing power.

Galaxy Z Fold 4 Compatible with Samsung Wearables Device

Galaxy Buds2 Pro

Galaxy Buds Pro

Galaxy Buds Live

Galaxy Buds+

Galaxy Buds2

Galaxy Buds

Galaxy Fit2

Galaxy Fit e

Galaxy Fit

Galaxy Watch5

Galaxy Watch4

Galaxy Watch3

Galaxy Watch

Galaxy Watch Active2

Galaxy Watch Active,

Gear Fit2

You can connect using Bluetooth, here's how:

1. From Settings, tap Connections > Bluetooth, and then tap to turn on Bluetooth.
2. Tap a device and follow the prompts to connect.

After pairing is created, and connected to the devices remember each other and can exchange information without having to enter the passkey again.

You can connect your device to a Wi-Fi network to access the Internet without using your mobile data.
1. From Settings, tap Connections > Wi-Fi, and then tap to turn on Wi-Fi and scan for available networks.
2. Tap a network, and enter a password if required.
3. Tap Connect

Tips Galaxy Z Fold 4 User Manual
You can read tips and techniques as well as the Samsung Fold 4 user manual for your device
Swipe and go to Fold4 Settings, tap Tips and user manual Galaxy Flip 4 can do the same support to download Galaxy Flip 4 Manual PDF..

If you still have any questions or problems while using your device contact Samsung support galaxy z fold 4 repair guide through Samsung Members. You can access the community forums, error reports, remote support and more if supported by your carrier.

Very easy to get help Samsung Repair Guide your device,
Just unlock Samsung Flip4 or Fold4, open Settings, than tap Accessibility > tap Contact us or galaxy z fold 4 repair guide.

You will contact Samsung support trough your carrier. Have a nice day and still remember us wit new Samsung Fold 5 and Galaxy Flip 5 for release date, price and specs next year.