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How to Take a Screenshot on Galaxy Fold 4?


How to Take a Screenshot on Galaxy Fold 4?

How to Take a Screenshot on Galaxy Fold 4? - Get The easy way to take a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 with screen recorder and camera tutorial tips and tricks explore the Samsung Fold 4 features here.

How to Take a Screenshot on Galaxy Fold 4?

Samsung Galaxy Fold 4 Camera Features with Rear triple camera : 12MP Ultra Wide Camera, 50MP Wide-angle Camera and 10MP Telephoto Camera that has an Intelligent features: Scene Optimizer, Shot suggestions, Scan QR codes, Camera modes: Single Take Photo, Video, Pro, Panorama, Food, Night, Portrait, Portrait Video, Pro, Video, Super Slow-mo, Slow motion, Hyperlapse, Director's View and Capture View.


This device has Pro-grade Camera that stands on its own with the upgraded Rear Camera, Space Zoom and Nightography. The Samsung Fold4 bringing a pro-level kit to the foldable form for the first time a full kit of pro lenses and pro-grade video modes and settings from Apps, jut tap Camera.

How to Take a Screenshot on Galaxy Fold 4

To take a screenshot on Samsung Fold 4 User Manual instruction :

A. Just press and release the Side and Volume down keys.

The capture image of your screen. will automatically create a Screenshots album in the Gallery app.

B. Palm Swipe Screenshot Fold4

This capture image screen by swiping the edge of your hand across it, from side to side, keeping in contact with the screen.

1. Unlock Galaxy Fold 4 and go to settings, tap Advanced features > Motions and gestures > Palm swipe to capture.

2. Tap to enable this feature.

C. Bixby Screenshoot

1. Press Bixby Button or side key

2. Say Take a Screenshot

3. Tap OK to Allow Bixby Control

4. Done.

It so easy with Bixy to give a command with owners voice control.

Screenshot Settings Galaxy Fold 4

You free to modify screenshot settings on this device by open Settings menu, tap Advanced features > Screenshots and screen recorder.

Show toolbar after capturing

The additional toolbar options after you take a screenshot are:

Delete after sharing from toolbar

It will be automatically delete screenshots after they are shared through the screenshot toolbar.

Hide status and navigation bars:

The status bar or navigation bars will not display on screenshots.


You can choose screenshots file format to be saved as JPG or PNG files.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 4 Screen Recorder

This is Fold 4 features Video Screen Recorder that will record activities on your device, write notes, and use the camera to record a video overlay of yourself to save and share with friends or family.

Follow Samsung Galaxy Fold 4 Tutorial Screen Capture
1. Go to Quick Settings, tap Screen recorder.
2. Choose a sound setting, and tap Start recording.
3. A three-second countdown runs before it starts recording.

You can tap Skip countdown to begin recording immediately or choose:

>Tap Draw to draw on the screen.

>Tap Pointer to show an icon on the screen when using your S Pen (Galaxy Z Fold4 only).

> Tap Selfie video to include a recording from your front camera.

4. Tap Stop to finish recording. These are automatically saved to the Screen recordings album in the Gallery.

Screen recorder Samsung Fold 4 Settings

Time to set up Galaxy Z Fold4 and control the sound and quality settings for the screen recorder.
Manually go to Settings, tap Advanced features > Screenshots and screen recorder.

Set up the option below:

Sound: Choose what sounds to record while using the screen recorder.
Video quality: Select a resolution. Selecting a higher resolution for higher quality requires more memory.
Selfie video size: Drag the slider to set the size of the video overlay.
Show taps and touches: Enable to indicate screen taps and touches in a recording.

Galaxy Fold 4 Camera Tutorial

You are free to open full kit pro camera lenses and pro-grade video modes and settings on your new Samsung device,

A Simple way just open the Apps and tap Camera.

The Galaxy Fold 4 Camera ready to use.

Galaxy Fold 4 Camera Tips and Tricks open Cam

Just press the Side button twice to open the Camera app.

Now it's time to view your images and videos has captured it can be done while still using your camera open. The photos will be shown on the side panel until the Camera app is closed. This feature is only available when the device is open. At the Camera menu tap Capture View to see the photos an videos.

Gallery Galaxy Fold4

You can view, edit, and manage Screenshot pictures and Screen recorder video watch in the Gallery to look at the all the visual media stored on your device. Here's how:
> Open you Device Apps, just tap Gallery.
> Now you can view, edit, and manage you capture.

Enjoy Intelligent features

You can move to a Fold4 from another OS doesn’t have to be hard just use Smart Switch App it can transfer data from many different devices, making the upgrade to Galaxy a seamless process for everyone so smart with Fold 4 intelligent features.